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The Truth Anyhow (#2)

May 15, 2010

Essence magazine has really run my numbers up. I was all set to kick back for a few moments and scan through my new issue that just arrived in the mail. Had my strawberry iced tea, my bedroom door closed, and my pillows fluffed. The June issue has a special feature on Black fathers who are stepping up to their responsibilities, so I thought I’d start with that since I plan to do some writing on fatherhood next month; I wanted to get some ideas to stimulate my thinking. I turned to the article…nice looking spread. Uh-oh…two men in a more-than-friendly pose photographed with some children. Which brings me to truth # 2:

Homosexuality is not right.

I know, sometimes Black folk tire of hearing people “judge” homosexuals and feel like it gets too much focus because after all, “sin is sin” in God’s eyes. “There are no little and big sins to God.” Maybe yes, and maybe not. But one thing is for sure-the Bible is very clear about homosexuality being contrary to the law of God. I didn’t write it, but I do understand it. Does that mean it’s right to not give homosexuals jobs or homes? No-that I don’t see in the Bible. Is it right to murder them because they are homosexuals? Definitely not. Murder violates God’s instructions as well. Is it ok to villify them with derogatory epithets and slurs? Uhhh…no.

But on the other hand, no amount of photographing them, calling them “spouses”, labeling their relationships “marriages”, or getting endorsements of their lifestyle from celebrities, preachers, politicians, or commentators makes what they do right. I’ve probably joined the ranks of those labeled homophobes. How does telling the Biblical truth about something automatically make me afraid of it?

I just can’t stand tiptoeing around the issue anymore. It seems so chic and fabu to be in favor of it. It’s the cause du jour. Well count me out. I don’t care what they say and who says it. Essence can run articles every issue about it; Grey’s Anatomy can put a full-on lesbian kissing scene on every episode; Obama can permit them to ask and tell; the American Academy of Pediatrics can say it’s normal and nothing to be alarmed about; the National Education Association can send letters to every public school superintendent in every state. It doesn’t matter. I can’t ever say it’s right when it’s not. And Black Christians need to not be so concerned about being politically correct. Say what’s true and see what can happen in our churches, homes, and neighborhoods.

It may not be popular, but it’s still the truth anyhow.

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