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A New Beginning…Maybe

April 19, 2010

So the news is out. Star Parker is running for Congress. There have been rumblings and rumors for weeks now, but she’s officially announced her candidacy for the 37th congressional district, which encompasses Long Beach, Compton, Carson, and Signal Hill in California. She has a festive looking website,, and she’s already sending out email blasts to supporters. This is definitely good news for California, but does it mean anything for those of us in the other 49 states? I think so. Actually, I hope so.

Every election cycle, like clockwork, Christian websites, commentators, and bloggers start turning the wheels of our own brand of political machinery. Evangelicals start scrutinizing the Democrats, and Progressives start criticizing the Republicans. (For those of us who believe we’ve risen above labels, we prefer to refer to conservatives and liberals, regardless of party affiliation.) Once the machinery starts rolling, Christians everywhere begin to weigh the options. But we usually end up with the same Solomon-esque quandary. The Democrats seem ok on ‘social justice’ issues, but lousy on ‘moral issues’, like abortion and homosexuality. Conversely. the Republicans score points for morality, while abysmally failing the social justice litmus tests. What’s a concerned Christian to do?

(Maybe) That’s where Star Parker comes in. Her policy positions, for the most part, reflect both Biblical principles and practical solutions to stubborn social ills like poverty, ineffective education, and particularly as those problems affect the Black community. She stresses the roles of family and church in stabilizing, and re-stabilizing our community. I think she might be a registered Republican, but my hope is that her adherence to certain principles, more so than allegiance to a particular party, might usher in a new era of political independents who can not only offer an unapologetic critique of both major parties, but can more importantly provide a different way to approach the very real issues we face.

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